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Messaging that forms the emotional bond to create a response is part of getting us to do things differently and is therefore part of successful change management. Where the message is credible, is relevant, is of benefit, aligns with interests and values, and is respectful, the engagement and response can be seen. The consistency and persistency of the messaging is also important, together with messaging that advises what is the issue, the impact, what we need to do, and where we can get help and support.

When we are engaged, understand what is being asked and why, know where to get support and be motivated, the emotional bond can be formed. It is the showing of care, the credible source, and the ongoing engagement that forms and strengthens the emotional bond. Once the bond is made, a response can be realized. Consistency and persistency of targeted messages also attracts attention. If the right emotional bond is formed, the messages convey important information within a change. It is not enough to message, but to message in the right way, at the right time, with the right information, to the right parties for effect.

In seeking to improve the performance of a sports team, preparing for an emergency like a bushfire or messaging changes to operations around technology, the challenge is to communicate in a time of change which is also bringing change. The engagement and communication needs to show caring, come from a credible source, and bring ongoing engagement so that an emotional bond can be created.

Realizing change often requires engaging a contrary audience with multiple approaches for gaining the attention of the unengaged. Those seeking the change may be considered as one extreme and those reluctant to make a change (for whatever the reason) as another extreme with those in the middle open to and accepting, but needing understanding, help, and support.

The need for tailored communications with consistency and persistency is nothing new. Messaging the what is the issue, what is the impact, what to do to help yourself, and where to get support is also well established. The challenge within communicating change is gaining the attention and forming the emotional bond for the required actions. Messaging is often about changing views for which there is no one simple approach to achieving. Rather it is a multitude of approaches with an adaptive and responsive technique that is required.

Counteracting negative communication and bringing groups together requires leadership and is often harder to achieve. Yet it is by coming together (not agreeing on everything but alignment of interests and values) that success is achieved. Communication is an adaptive and responsive approach that includes consistency and persistency, credibility, the emotional bond, and the shared Interests and Values. Being the change you wish to see and treating others as you would wish to be treated are key elements.

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